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At PACT European Affairs we are lobbyists first and foremost

15,000 European lobbyists in Brussels? Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern lobbying is a high-skill profession combining experience, legal expertise, network, visibility and communication. There are, in fact, very few ‘real lobbyists’ able to manage (and win) complex cases. We are one of them.

Legal analysis

In the past, lobbying was in a sense standardised, with simple, uniform legislative and regulatory procedures. This is no longer the case.

Since the Lisbon Treaty, decision-making processes have become complex with many exceptions and derogations. Each lobbying case has become unique, having its own institutional environment. At PACT we are known as THE experts in EU decision-making processes, including trilogues, delegated acts and implementing acts.

Lobbying strategy

The strategy component can be regarded as the art of lobbying, i.e. the ability to integrate the multiple dimensions of a file (its competitive environment, client strengths and weaknesses, the next steps in the procedure, the importance of public opinion, the support or opposition of the Institutions, etc.) into an action strategy.

Lobbying is action. A lobbyist acts to win his or her file. At this level, experience is the most important quality of a lobbyist. Only experience provides the authority, serenity and audacity essential for successful action.

Communication & Media

In the past, the communication dimension of lobbying involved drafting widely disseminated "position papers". This tool has become obsolete and therefore ineffective. Today, communication requires combining ‘story telling’ to simplify understanding with precise use of social networks to send tailored messages in real time to the key players in a file.

Communication is one of PACT's assets. With our books, brochures, blogs and tweets we have demonstrated our ability as an opinion leader to deliver messages and make them understandable.


Lobbying tools prior to action are well known: monitoring (the ability to obtain relevant information) and mapping (knowing the power relationship and whom to contact).

At PACT, we have the ability to monitor even the most opaque processes of the Institutions, whether trilogues, Council Working groups or delegated acts. In addition, our extensive network offers us a particularly broad knowledge of EU officials and stakeholders.

Case Studies

The Orphacol case - A case study by Daniel Guéguen

An exceptional lobbying campaign for the authorisation of an orphan drug in the face of opposition from DG SANTE.

Strasbourg - The seat

PACT European Affairs is proud to have been chosen by Strasbourg to develop a strategy based on the motto: “Brussels rhymes with technocracy, Strasbourg rhymes with democracy”.