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Workshop, Training, Coaching & Universities

Both PACT partners are also trainers and teachers

At PACT, we are primarily practitioners in European public affairs, but it has always been our goal to be an avant-garde consultancy. We have no hesitation in saying that we are a step ahead in mastering complex decision-making processes like trilogues, delegated acts and implementing acts.

For over 10 years, we have been training officials, representatives and lobbyists in understanding the EU labyrinth and related lobbying techniques. PACT’s two associates Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen are also very involved in the academic world (from Harvard to the College of Europe) through various modules combining legal understanding and strategies of influence.


Professor at Georgetown,
the Mecca of public affairs in the USA

In the 2000s, Daniel Guéguen gave courses mainly in the United States with a module on "European Lobbying" at Georgetown University and a conference on the same topic at Harvard Kennedy School.

With Vicky Marissen, PACT continued to develop this activity:

College of Europe: a renowned institution!

Starting with a 2-hour seminar in 2010, then an 8-hour seminar in 2012, the comitology course we offer at the College of Europe in Bruges now lasts over 30 hours, demonstrating the College’s recognition of the importance of secondary legislation. As of 2016, we also teach European public affairs at the College of Europe in Natolin.

EDHEC: module on the legal dimension of financial services

Many years of collaboration with EDHEC, one of the 5 main business schools in France and the leading one for the financial professions. As was the case in Georgetown, one third of our course is based on an oral presentation to the students and two thirds involves a concrete case that students work on in small teams and present to the two professors as part of an in-depth debriefing.

Maastricht: the privilege of being chosen as a partner by a top university

At Maastricht University, we propose (as co-branders) a program devoted to EU decision-making processes, looking in depth at delegated and implementing acts, lobbying techniques and communication vis-à-vis EU institutions.

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Workshops & Trainings

  • Creators of the European Training Institute (ETI) in the early 2000s, we trained thousands of European Public Affairs practitioners up until 2011. At the time, our trainings were divided into two categories: open enrolment seminars (which accounted for two-thirds of the revenue) and customised training upon request.
  • As part of our current activities at PACT (created in 2012), our trainings are exclusively tailor-made. They cover several formats depending on the degree of knowledge desired and the corresponding duration. Our typical seminar lasts 5 hours with 2 trainers (most often Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen) and concrete cases (1-3) chosen in advance in accordance with the client’s priorities. From start to finish, the seminar is interactive, presented via a tailored PowerPoint and with the support of our publications.
  • Our trainings are cross-sectoral. Over the past two years we have provided trainings in the following topics: agriculture, food legislation, public health, pharmaceuticals, environment, energy and financial services.
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In contrast to trainings, coaching involves to private lessons for groups of 1-5 persons. Coaching responds to three types of need:

  • Going into a file in more detail, beyond a typical training (coaching is therefore a more advanced service than a training because it is very oriented towards defining strategies to be implemented);
  • Catch-up: raising awareness about the major transformations of recent years in decision-making processes and lobbying practices is an incentive to request a coaching;
  • Upgrading: some companies entrust us with their new representatives in Brussels to give them, through coaching, the keys to access the EU labyrinth.


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